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State Grid Tianjin Power: The New Technology of Vibration and Noise Reduction of Underground Substation Awarded the Leading Technology in China

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    The new technology of vibration and noise reduction of underground substation has been evaluated by the expert group and recognized as leading level in China in Sep 21st.

    Staff found in daily operations, the echo resonance of underground substation will cause the sound amplification of normal operation of transformer, the resulting noise has an impact on the work and life of above-ground construction further implement environmentally friendly requirements, Chengdong company carries out technical innovation,the new technology of shock absorption and noise reduction is explored to eliminate the influence of substation operation on environment.

    In the concrete implementation, Chengdong Company explored the measures of vibration isolation and noise reduction for different types of transformer, the transmission of transformer vibration and noise reduction structure parallel to the transformer base is also developed. To avoid the generation of electromagnetic circulation, the transformer isolation base heating, without increasing the transformer loss. On the basis of successful trial operation, the company has prepared the standard operation instruction for the transformer vibration and noise, it fills the gap of no standard construction technology in the field of transformer damping and noise reduction, and it provides the basis and convenience for the construction.

    Currently, the results have been applied in 35kv substations such as Jiefangqiao and Gubeidao, the noise reduction effect reaches 50% and the noise is controlled at 50 decibels. During daily maintenance, the operation and maintenance cost of reducing the displacement caused by transformer vibration is about 50,000 yuan per time. The social and economic benefits are obvious.

    Source: Tianjin Channel of Xinhua Net