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Congratulations to our company for winning the bid of state grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company’s equipment supermarket project in 2017

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State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company's safety equipment supermarket purchasing project

Purchase announcement:(Project No.:ZBGW17-006)  

1. Purchase Conditions   

This batch of purchase project is State Grid Zhejiang Power Compay (Short in Project Company),The purchase funds come from the project company's own funds, the purchaser is State Grid Zhejiang Power Company. The project has met the requirements for purchasement, and now the batch of the project's goods for open registration, competitive negotiation and purchasement. 

Buyer entrusted State Grid Zhejiang Electricity bidding consulting co. LTD , invite interested qualified suppliers through competitive negotiation and purchasement. submit sealed and competitive response documents for supply and service of this batch of project. after the review and appraisal of the bid evaluation committee, and the buyer's confirmation, the pre-bid result is as follows: 

Xi'an Senso Electric Power Technology Co,. LTD: Package 6~Safety Tools